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What is Hawthorn's highest score
Adelaide's best 1st quarter in Victoria
Brisbane best 2nd half in WA from 2010
Lowest scores v St Kilda in 4th qtr
Lowest score at half time since 1960
Highest score by a bottom 4 side in Adelaide
Lowest Score by a top 2 side vs a bottom 2 side since 1990
Melb highest losing score at the MCG vs NM
Lowest aggregate scores in 2016
Collingwood's smallest winning score
Lowest winning score against Carlton from 1960 to 1965
Highest aggregate score in the 1st quarter in Round 22
Lowest agg score in 2nd half in 2016
Highest aggregate score where margin at full time was more than 100 pts

Biggest wins
Essendons biggest margin at the mcg in the last quarter
Sydney greatest winning margin at Etihad
Biggest margin vs Fitz in 3rd qtr at the G
Freo's biggest losses in the 2010s
Richmond's biggest loss in Sydney
Geel worst loss at SS since 2007

Melbournes best comeback from 3/4 time
Best comebacks by Geelong from 1/2 time vers Haw

Most scoring shots between 1970 and 1980
Least aggregate scoring shots from 2012*
Most aggregate goals in the 2nd half

Most goals kicked in the last quarter by the Dogs
Most behinds in 3rd qtr

Smallest crowd in Sydney before 2016
Biggest crowd in Adelaide after 2010

Biggest upsets prior to 2000

(What is the) Tigers highest scoring season
Teams highest scoring season
Teams lowest scoring season in the 1980s

(What is the) Most goals kicked by a team in a season in the 1st quarter 
Least goals by a team in a season since 1968
Least behinds by a team in a season since 1970
Most pts kicked by a team in a season in the 2nd half

Highest average scoring team in a season
Lowest average scoring team in a season in the 1990s
Teams highest average scores in a season before 1989

Best accuracy by a team in a season in the 2000s
Least accurate team in 2016
Most accurate team in a season since 2000

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LADDER ...........
All Time Ladder
Ladder where final margin at full time was less than 10 pts in 2016
Ladder in 2016 after rd 11
Ladder when in top 8 since 2012
Ladder when in bottom 4 from 1965 to 1971

SCORES ...........
Last time the Dees lost by 100 pts or more *
Recent matches won by a point *
Scores from when the swans lost by more than 10 goals
Last time Collingwood lost to Hawthorn by a pt 
Results where the Pies lost to hawthorn by a pt
Recent matches where Geelong defeated the Blues by 60 pts or more
Scores where Geelong defeated the Blues by 60 pts or more

Most recent results Bris v Haw
Last time Port kicked 9 goals in any qtr
Last time Essendon kicked 20 goals at 3/4 time

Last time a team kicked more than 10 behinds in the last qtr
Last time haw kicked more than 10 behinds in any qtr ***

Summary of each club
each club's premierships
each teams average score